SUPER BOWL | Take Away


SUPER BOWL | Take Away

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SUPER BOWL | Take Away

we’re taking side bets that you’d actually love to elevate that superbowl party platter past the buffalo chicken dip. so, here’s the perfect spread sure to the hail mary- it home with a win. apertivo hour just got blitzed with an array of festive platters for you and your pigskin friends to tackle and munch on.

FOCCACIA SANDWICH PACKS: (all packs include 5 piccolo house-made sandwiches)

  • ($27) The Beef Cake Pack: House roast beef served with black garlic aioli, giardiniera, horseradish, arugula

  • ($22) Cheese Head Pack: fresh whipped ricotta, grilled marinated escarole, oil cured tomatoes, fried garlic (V)

  • ($26) Malto Carne Pack: sopressata, hot coppa, mortadella, pecorino crema, smoked provolone, romesco

 Shares & Plates: (all share items servers 9-12 guests)

  • ($29) CICI’s Hummus: baby spinach, chickpeas, EVOO, lemon, garlic, fresh crudite (V)

  • ($29) Whipped Dip: whipped ricotta, tomato conserva, olive oil, focaccia (V)

  • ($43) Roman Meatballs: veal, beef, pork, house made pomodoro (requires oven and heating instructions)

  • ($38) Chopped Salad: crispy chickpeas, egg, salami, mixed greens, pepperoncini, olives, basil vinaigrette (GF)

Formaggi & Carne Boxes: (all meat and cheese platters servers 9-12 guests)

  • ($63) Carne Box: Assorted imported Italian meats served with mixed olives, grained mustard, Calabrian chili conserva, picked red onion

  • ($63) Formaggi Box: Assorted imported Italian cheeses served with mostarda, honey comb, dried figs, fresh pears

  • ($63) Misto Box: served with both Italian imported meats and cheese and pairing accompaniments

All orders can be picked up the day of the Super Bowl, Sunday February 3rd, 2019 between 10am-2pm.

  • Items labeled (GF) are made without gluten but are produced in kitchen that uses flour and gluten heavily

  • Items labeled (V) are made vegetarian. For specific ingredients please don't hesitate to ask.

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